I’m a Tyrannosaurus Rex who has come back from space, landing back on earth to the devastating news that my non-avian brothers and sisters are all dead! And as you can imagine, I was distraught.

I boomed my sadness loudly, (I do not roar) and then inevitably I had to move on and try and find a way to survive.

I’ve come across some…peculiar humans in my time back on earth. Many are irritating, and many make me sad, and as for the rest of them, they confuse me.

And that’s what this blog is about really, about a dinosaur who is trying to find his way in the world. I’ll be posting my thoughts and observations of the world which will probably include photographs of avian dinosaurs!

So come on and follow me as I adjust to this earth ruled by you balding apes. Many of whom I am thankful for, many of whom I wish to eat and those that I wish to punch but can’t.