After the ‘wasteland.’ I took a short excursion to a spot looking onto some farmland. I was pessimistic as to what I might see, knowing that in the past, farmland ‘views’ have often led me to have a sinking feeling of doom inside.

Cows were roaming and grazing further along to my right, and then to my left and straight ahead of me were a gaggle of geese also grazing.
The sun above me warmed me up where I sat, I could have taken my coat off despite the October chill in the air and been warm.

To go further on the country roads, I would have needed my mobility trike, so I stuck to the same spot for an hour, if not more.

Behind me, there was a fenced-off body of water. On the fence, there are yellow warning signs about ‘deep water’ though I’m not entirely sure why as there doesn’t seem to be a way to get to it anyway.

I watched cormrants fly overhead and over the fence and a buzzard hunting way off, way in the distance beside the motorway.
Jackdaws, crows and magpies perched and flew around, chasing each other around a tree ahead of me.

Jackdaw & Magpie
Canada geese
Canada geese were introduced to the UK 300 years ago

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