You know by now I’m obsessed with Jays and saying this feels like I’m cheating on the Jays. It’s an uncomfortable feeling, that maybe only other autistic people may understand it’s hard to describe.

It feels like the world itself will erase its memory of my love of the Jays like I’m turning my back on them even though I know logically that isn’t true, I doubt anyone will ever be able to persuade me out of my Jay obsession at this point.

But there is another bird that for some reason has become another favourite, I don’t think we’re quite in the ‘Jay obsessive’ territory with these but from a conservation point of view, they probably should be.

I’m talking about the Black-tailed Godwit.

Scientific name is Limosa limosa.

Conservation status is Red. This means that they’re ‘of great conservation concern’

I’ve seen them a couple times relatively close up and thus a new faverouite has born.

Black-tailed godwit on a mission

Black-tailed godwit looking smart
B.T Godwits arguing and scrapping, unfortunately I was zoomed to far in to capture the moment better than this and it happened too quick for me to zoom out in time!

B.T Godwit

This one is funny. Looks like they’re not too happy with my photography!

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